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Friday, January 28th, 2011

If your turn signal blinker is cycling faster when you put your turn signal on, it’s typically a burned out bulb, either on the front or rear of the vehicle. So leave your blinker on, get out and see if one of your turn lamps is burned out. If so, a simple bulb replacement should remedy the problem.

Most water leaks in the trunk area are caused from a tail lamp fitting poorly, or its gasket failing. An especially sensitive concern is water intrusion within a vehicle’s cabin or trunk area. Manufacturers don’t sufficiently prepare vehicle interior which are more Emergency Home Solutions surfaces to withstand water incursion. If allowed to remain, rust will usually begin to form, often hidden from sight, not to mention the mildew and its attendant odor that frequently accompany water trapped within carpet and its insulation.

Modern headlamps are typically made of shaped clear plastic that will often cloud up over time. One only has to drive down the street to see what I’m trying to describe. Even high end cars will have headlights that appear to have cataracts after a few years. As a result, 3M came up with a system that will, in most circumstances, remove this yellowish, white outer film from the headlight’s lens. We just installed a headlight on a European sports sedan that ran over $1,700 (due to a collision). Even a lower priced car’s headlamps will often run over $200.00 each. I mention these lamp prices because shops that offer the 3M procedure will many times do it for under $100, a bargain compared to the cost of replacing your car’s headlights with new ones.