Welcome to the newest feature of “Marck Motors. Com“.

We now have a whole new look and feel to our web site. We welcome you to our blog page to follow us and what we are doing.

Now find us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Join us as a friend on FACEBOOK.

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  1. Hello all of you at Marck Motors. I just found your blog page and like it. Great job – I think its a great feature for you to offer. I like the web site too.

  2. Heimarbeit Serös on said:

    Hi just thought i would tell you something. The blog is great but I had a hard time finding the RSS Feed! I always subscribe to the blogs I like and receive all new posts via Rss Reader! You should maybe have a RSS Subscribe Button more prominet!

  3. I happen to agree. I’ll try and work with my IT guy to see what can be done within the format currently in use – Thanks.

  4. Rosella Koser on said:

    i’m adding your blog rss feed so that i can see your new posts. keep up the good work!

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